MAZURY CURLING FESTIVAL Gi¿ycko, Wilkasy, 26 th August – 6 th September 2017 MCF invitation no 1

We have a great pleasure to invite you to the sixth (already!) Mazury Curling Festival. In the past years there were over 100 participants every year having fun in Wilkasy and Gizycko, and in the tournament of the last editions there were 36 teams playing. The players of all Polish curling clubs had the opportunity to practice and compete with our guests from 3 continents. We had a pleasure to meet e.g. World and European Champions (Michelle Allen from Canada, Bjorn Schroder from Switzerland, Anders Kraupp from Sweden), medalists of European Championships (Jiri Snitil from Czech Republic), top players, coaches and icemasters (Mark Callan, George Munro from Scotland). We negotiate with the best coaches, not only from Europe, and we will announce their names in our next letter. In order to boost the youngest curlers’ development, we have managed to set the dates of this year’s camp again for the last days of school holidays (in Poland). The camp will start on Saturday, August the 26th. Trainings will start on Sunday, August the 27th, and end on Thursday, August the 31st in the evening. The Mazury Curling Cup will be launched on Friday, September the 1 st in the morning, and it will close on Sunday, September the 3th in the evening. We would like to kindly remind you that we are expecting your applications since the beginning of 2017 till the list will be full. Our list of participants is limited to 96 only! This year for organizational reasons your application will be placed on the list only after prepayment (200 zlotych or 50 Euro), sorry for that, but it is for your convenience only.

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